About Us

RANDAM is a young company. It is high growth Company. The company records growth on various parameters- new products, new markets, more recognition strengths. RYZOM-G refreshed brand launched internally, leveraging external market strengths. A name knows for excellences in product quality & services. A company always working for the beerments of farmers operating in India market former them. The basic market potentials are worked out by a systematic approach called market potential systems which helps to determine market share on every important crop in the district. This also helps to identify new a venues and understand customers’ requirements beer. Our Sales Office & Filed Staff regular touch with the market.
RANDAM has been promoted by highly experienced professionals who has been associated with agro chemicals industry for more than. It is a premium brand supply of Pesticides and organic insecticides, organic fungicides and plant growth promoters and Advanced Nano Technology Flowering Stimulant, Liquid Micro Nutrients and Micro Nutrients and Granules. It modern Advanced Nano Technology also helps plants to reduce yield losses during periods of drought or heat.

RANDAM Advance Nano Technology (USA) helps plants in their critical growth stage to develop strong roots the basis for a healthy crop and high yields. Our Insecticides and Fungicides protect the crop from insect and disease and improve plant vigour. Our Sales Officers are highly trained and knowledgeable, and we provide the tools the development programs they need to improve further their level of services to customer.

Our Vision

To provide food and nutritional security to the people and make Agri-horticulture profitable and aractive with sustainability, as to increase production and productivity of Agri horticulture crops using environment-friendly science and technology.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to impact the financial lives of more than 1 Crore Farmers by2029 and transform their financial Future