BARGE (Foliar Spray) Is an Advanced Corean Technology (USA) research product containing highly specialized organic Bio components is a natural form and in a such concentration which gives very powerful action to management of plant .This is a preparation of essential nutrients and other pest controls like clove oil. This is effective to prevent from Green Worm, pink bollworm and other larval worms.
Dosage: 2-2.5 ml per 1 liter with good quality of water
Advantages: Controls from harmful pests This improves resistance power in plants to fight with pests and worms.
Recommended Crops: Peanut, Groundnut, Soyabean, Urad, Moong, Greengram, Redgram, Chilli, Cotton, Brinjal, Lady Finger and Other Vegetable Crops.
Packs: 250 ml., 500 ml., 1 lt.

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1L, 500ML, 250ML