Discover-X [Tillering Booster]

Improve Plant root growth and Development. Increase the uptake Mobilization of Phosphate. Increasing Yield & Quality of all Crops. DISCOVER – X is an Organic Manure. It is used for increasing yield & quality of all crops, including Paddy, Wheat, Sugarcane, Cotton , Oil seeds, Pulses, Vegetables, Fruits Crops ,Plantation crops etc.
BENEFITS: Complete food for crops. Increases yield significantly, stops flower & fruit drop. Improve soils physical & chemical conditions. Improves product quality & quantity. Stimulates root growth and nutrient uptake.
APPLICATION TIME: At the time of seed sowing or at early stages of crop development to get best result.
DOSAGE:   4 Kg Per Acre For Fruits Crops 4 Kg Per Acre ,
Depending Upon the Climatic Conditions, For Agriculture use only.

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