Fruit Sizer

FRUIT SIZER: is a unique formulation to address Potash deficiency for all Crops. This formulation is made available in the water-soluble form for foliar /fertigation/drip purposes. This formulation is potential to its credit than any other type of Potassic fertilizers. Prathista has a lot of success stories for enhancing farm productivity similar to (or) better than inorganic & chemical based Potassic fertilizer applications with Potash, nationally and internationally.
Fruit sizer: Since the use and harding of the products bevand our control, we don’t assume any responsibility other than the uniform quality of the fruit size.
Recommended Crops: Can be used for all crops (Cotton , Chilli ,fruits, flowers, vegetables, cereals, pulses, cotton, cane & tea) Sugarcane, Papaya, Grapes, Cucurbit Crops, Citrus Crops, Bananas, Etc.
Methods of application: FRUIT SIZER- Spraying: 1.5 ml to 2 ml mix in 1 liters of water and spray on plants till they get drenched properly, Repeat the dose after 8-10 days if required (1 Acre).
For Fertigation: Dosage 2 Lts for 1 Acre Crop.

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