Nutri Agro Max

Product Features:

  • Nutri Agro Max Instantly soluble in water.
  • Nutri Agro Max Increases resistance to diseases.
  • Nutri Agro Max Increases the absorption of micro nutrients.
  • Nutri Agro Max Increases the yield and quality of crop.

Crops:  Fruit crops, Chilli, Tomatoes, Bhendi, Watermelon, Mangoes, Cotton, Groundnuts, Grapes, Etc.
Foliar:  1-2 gm per liter with good quality of water.
Ferigation:  500 gm to 1 kg per acre along with any water soluble.
Packs: 250 gm/ 500gm/ 1 kg /5 kg.

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1KG, 250GM, 500GM