OXYGEN: High Concentrate Amino Chelated Nitrogen Fertiliser for Quick Increase Flowering and Stimulation and Vegetative Growth.
OXYGEN & BENEFITS: Corrects hidden hunger & plant Deficiencies. Fast Action & excellent compatibility ,Increase Photosynthesis Tolerant to stress. Stops flower drop & Improves fruit set. Improves post harvest storage.
Recommended Crops: Can be used for all crops (cotton , Chilli ,fruits, Flowers, Vegetables, Cereals, Pulses, Cotton, Cane & Tea) Sugarcane, Papaya, Grapes, Cucurbit Crops, Citrus Crops, Bananas, etc.
METHODS OF APPLICATION: Oxygen– Spraying: 120 gm per 150 Ltr. of water and spray on plants till they get drenched properly, Repeat the dose after 8-10 days if required (1 Acre).

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