VAYAGOO is an extraction of Plants with special medicinal properties. It protects plants from various types of worms and pests and saves as protective shield. Helps plants to get resistance power to fight with harmful pests. This improves plant growth.
Benefits :   100 % plant drived solution. Non- hazardous and bio degradable solution.
Robust action in les than 48 hours. Efficacy against 250 types of larvae including worms, rollers , bores.
Dosage : Mix 5 ml per15 litre of water and spray. 50 ml. per acre.
Recommended Crops : Paddy, Mango, Soyabean, Urad, Moong, Greengram, Chilli, Vegetable crops and all types of Horticulture Crops.
Packs : 60 ml, 120 ml.

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