Nutri Neeam 15000

A very wide spectrum of phytophagous insect-pests is affected by this Neem formulation. It controls the pest population through a triple action activity – acting as a feeding deterrent, oviposition inhibitor and insect growth regulator. contact and in a systemic manner. Bio-chemicals from Karanj oil, pongamol and karanjin, generally act synergistically.
Benefits: Nutri Neem is effective against: Sucking Pests like Aphids, Leaf Hopper, Mealy Bugs, White Fly, Thrips. Nutri Neem is also effective against chewing Insects like Stem Borer, Fruit Borer, Capsule Borer, and Caterpillars etc. Nutri Neem is non-toxic to beneficial and non-target organism. Ideal component in IPM and Organic Farming practices. It Leaves no residue on plant or soil and is highly biodegradable.
Dosage: Mix 1.5 -2 ml per litre of water and spray.
Recommended Crops: Rice, Cotton, Vegetables, Chilly, Floriculture and Horticulture Crops. 100% Water Soluble. Compatible with all other Insecticides Fungicides/ PGR.
Packs: 250 ml ,500 ml ,1 lt.

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1L, 500ML, 250ML